The Open Path is a non-sectarian approach to spiritual realization. It is a path dedicated to the direct experience of our natural state — a state known as Pure Awareness, Selflessness, Nonduality, Oneness, Original Spirit, and by many other names. The Open Path is a process of natural enlightenment that belongs to everyone.

EliasOpen Path programs are sponsored by the Sufi Way International, a lineage of western universal sufism first established in the West in 1910 by the Indian mystic and musician Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan. Elias Amidon is the current spiritual director (Pir) of the Sufi Way.

While the Open Path is inspired by the sufi tradition, it is not limited to any doctrine or belief, and you don't have to "be a sufi" to participate in Open Path programs. Rather, the Open Path is by its very nature open, emphasizing both direct experience and inclusivity of view and method.

Open Path trainings and retreats are held frequently in Europe and the U.S. The core program is a nine-month course taught by Pir Elias — the Open Path Training — that consists of three 4-day seminars, a series of written teachings and exercises that are sent to students every few weeks, and frequent telephone contact through individual calls, group conference calls, and telephone work with partners.

In addition to the nine-month training, there are a variety of Open Path retreats and workshops scheduled throughout each year. These often are held in places of great natural beauty — in the high desert mountains of Colorado, on the Greek island of Hydra, at Barrow Castle in England, near Lake Constance in Germany, and other locations in Holland, Switzerland, and France. Many of the retreats are facilitated by Pir Elias, or are organized and led by other senior teachers.



2015 Open Path Trainings

Nine-Month Trainings in Nondual Awareness with Pir Elias Amidon
England and Germany


2015 Nine-Month
Open Path Trainings

in England and Germany

July 2015:
Notes from
the Open Path

“Summer Reverie”

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